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About Counselor

Lekhangda Bhatnagar is a Board certified genetic Counselor and is a Genetic engineer graduated frmo SRM University Chennai.

She has done her short term internship from BMHRC under ICMR and RKDF university in Bhopal .

She has done her project for thesis from Wushi University Taiwan .

She has completed her Genetic Counselling course from Kamineni Hospital Hydrabad .

She is a member of Indian Science Congress and Indian Society of Human Genetics

She is the Level counselor member of Genetic Counselling Board of India .

She has got experience of counselling the patients of Congenital Malformations in children ,Infertility couples and breast Cancers.

She has presented Papers and Posters at International and National level.

currently she is persuing her Ph.d in Taiwan